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Designation removed = almost destroyed?

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I was out geocaching and ran across a standard geodetic survey benchmark (I've found a few, so they now always catch my eye icon_wink.gif ). The designation had been removed (gouged away) and it had not been reset. I took a reading and picture, thinking I might be able to log it when I got home, but it doesn't seem to be in the database. I'm assuming that it was reported destroyed. Why would they gouge the designation off and then leave it there (instead of removing it completely)?



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Kinda like this one?




Take a look at my pics and see what ya think.......


This was (and still is) my first benchmark... icon_smile.gif


They did restamp the designation back onto the disk.....


I was thinking it had to be either vandalism, or years of being hit by a snowplow?



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Sounds like some vandal got to the disk. Don't assume that it has been reported destroyed. By NGS standards I don't think it has been destroyed. They seem rather picky about labelling a marker destroyed. An updated description indicating the vandalism may be necessary, but it's not destroyed.


If the designation had been removed, how do you know which benchmark to search for? And are you only using the search here at geocaching.com or have you tried the NGS datasheet search? The search here filters the results to not show certian marks (ones reported destroyed and the like). The NGS search shows all entries, regardless if they still exist or not. You may have better luck there.


Or perhaps it is one of those survey markers that is not listed in the NGS database. Many other organizations place survey disks that are not reported to the NGS. Maybe the one you found is from one of those organizations.


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Couch_Potato, you were right, when I searched on the NGS site, I found it, and then when I put the ID into geocaching, I found it.. Maybe because it doesn't list the marker type, it doesn't show up on the standard search. I saw benchmark and 1 of the marker disks (didn't think to take a picture of the marker disk). Since the previous finder didn't post any pics or coords, I think I'll post mine after all.

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