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NEW COIN: le chat rampant - on sale


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Another fitting idea:





I really would love this! Everytime I'm in the forums I see your cat-avatar and think "cuteeeeeee!!!!" :) Believe me, if you asked anyone here what he thinks when he hears the word "Gatoulis", he would answer "Cat" and "Coin". So that fits perfectly :)


That is really a great idea :)

and you deserve, that a coin is named after you :)

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:) Oh, you are so sweet my friend! :)


Hmm.. so anyone here when they hear Gatoulis they think Cat and Coin??? Nobody is thinking of me??




But there might be a problem with that! They will think that it is my coin and not Anne's!


Thank you Dark elf!! Thank you my friend! :)

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Hi, anne.and.elli --


I love the design -- it's awesome! It reminds me of celtic-knotwork cats but this one looks so playful and curious. And I love the dragonfly. : )


First thing I thought of was 'Cattoo'. But I actually think "le chat rampant" is the best, and am in complete agreement with Yemon Yime. Must be from all the study of heraldry I did as a kid, heh.


Whatever you call it, I sure would like one! Can't wait for the sale!

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I was playing with words and names like spoggy... :D


So.. how about


1) CatAnna's scratch! (it sounds like the famous Japanese sword!) Or just CatAnna


2) AnnKita Cat (hmm.... like Nikita?? :P) or AnneKita


other something different...


3) Gatoula (it may sound like Bamboula but it is a sweet greek name for a female young cat)

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Wonderful design.


I have been a little slow at staying on top of things and just barely saw this.


Thumbs up to you on your Los Gatos Moneda

Actually it would be "Los Gatos de Moneda" or "La Moneda de Gato"


The adjective always comes after a noun unless it relates to the actual object like the furry cats, cause all cats are furry so it comes before. Sorry, but I had to.. :)

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I will play with the name of Kita if that is alright! B)


How you hear the name? As Keeta??


I am asking because we have a word that you can hear it like that... and it is the "KOITA" wich means.... Look!


so... if Kita's name is like this word.... how about name your new lovely coin as....

1) "The look (of the hunt) of Kita" or ... just "KOITA Coin"


Hmm.... the last one made me wonder....


if you name the coin "KOITA KEΡMA" (in lating it is Kerma, where the "e" sounds like the e when you say letter), you actually say.... look coin ! :laughing:

(kerma is a low value coin! we also use the word "nomisma", so you can try this combination too! :cool: )


I know... it all these sound Greek to you! :)

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