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NEW COIN: le chat rampant - on sale


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Hey all!


I've been working on my next coin for way too long now. It is loosely based on a drawing I saw and liked. I have three versions of this designed (each one has a different design on the back). The first version I want to produce will be the "traveler" version. It's a simpler design and will be smaller/thinner. In this way I hope to keep the cost down enough that it will be affordable to send out and about.


The other two versions will be larger/thicker and have a fair deal more detail. I've finished designing one of them, but would like to finish the last design before displaying those two.


Anyhow, here is the traveler version. I am looking to make it 1.5" high, 2mm thick. I think I have picked a company, so I will start working on getting mint art very soon.




It would come out in various metals/colors; this is just one combination I have been playing with.


Now here's the cointest!

I need a NAME for this coin. Right now I'm just calling it "cache hunter" but that's a tad boring. I've also been playing around with "le chat rampant" since it shows a cat in rampant posture.


You can enter as many times as you like. If I pick your name, I'll send you an unactivated coin from my collection. If a name doesn't jump out at me, I'll put everyone's name in a hat and pull a random winner. (one entry per person, regardless of number of times you enter)


Ummm I figure a week is probably enough.


Rules can change at my discretion, blah blah blah. Oh, and feedback on the coin is of course welcome. :wub:

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I like your new coin design very much! And the style would fit right into my keeper collection. Whatever that means, considering the variety of geocoins that have caught my eye don't seem to have much in common. No name suggestions in 60 seconds at 1:30am, but I will work on them. If the traveler version looks this nice, I can't wait to see the other two!

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how about: libélula el gato


which is spanish for: Dragonfly and the cat


:P WOW!!! We call the dragon fly : Libelula too!!! :(


I was planning to post this title in Greek! :blink:


Λιβελουλο - Γατοπαιγνια 2010

(it is a strange name even for Greeks! It is in old way of speaking in Greece, so..)


What this means??? Fragonfly - Catgames 2010! :wub: It sounds like Sport games... isn't it? :)

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Another fitting idea:





I really would love this! Everytime I'm in the forums I see your cat-avatar and think "cuteeeeeee!!!!" :) Believe me, if you asked anyone here what he thinks when he hears the word "Gatoulis", he would answer "Cat" and "Coin". So that fits perfectly :)

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