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TB race?

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I am wanting to start a TB race i have the fourm and i still working the bugs 0ut and i am good about running a forum because in the past i ran a alliance,and a alliance forum with an on-line game.But the part with Affiliate links i am having a bit of trouble with Link URL:and Image URL:Now i did read a little about Groundspeak //Displaying Several Trackables on the Same Page, Good For Races. this is what i do not understand and was hopeing someone would point me in the right way of how to fix this?→Find the GUID of all the Trackable Items you want to include.

Insert that GUID at the end of this URL format:


That is, in the above example, replace everything after "guid=" with the guid number of your own Trackable Items.

For example:

<img src="http://img.geocaching.com/stats/tb.aspx?guid=96d16114-bebf-4d5d-a75f-6fbea5c0fab4">

Dont know what the GUID IS ??

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I am planning on posting a full description here in the forums soon, but here's the gist of it.


By the way the bug has to have a default photo set on it.


Access you bug and select edit. Up in the browser address link you'll see the guid = number.


If you want to provide me your guid number it'll give you the formatted entry to insert on your profile page.

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