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Thinking of getting an Oregon 450

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Need a bit of help from an Oregon owner. I use a vista HCX at the moment and a smartphone with memory map and cachemate. I want to upgrade to one unit. ;)


So Im looking at the Oregon 450 with GB Discoverer maps included on a SD card, have tried topo before and really dont like them. :P


The problem is I use a largish memory card in my vista and hold around 3000 caches at a time as custom POI which works great, but I wont be able to do this on the Oregon if the memory card if full of maps for GB Discoverer, will I? or does it use internal memory to hold the gpx file? :lol:


Second thing, when you look at caches on the map view does it show them as different icons for different caches like multis, trads, unkown caches, disabled, micros etc? or are they all the same 'geocache' symbol?


One last thing, is the screen as dark as people make out? do you really need to use the backlight on full most of the time?


Thanks for all the help. :)



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I bought the maps on DVD and a 4gb SD card that will hold everything I need. You can put the gpx in the internal or external memory.


I had a 400T that was stolen and I just ordered a 450 that I don't have yet. I don't remember if the icons were different. Someone else will have to answer that.


The oregon 400t was not the brightest, but I didn't have a problem. Higher contrast settings helped a lot.



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You can put the caches on the internal memory. The modern units do not care if the data is internal or external.


Yes, the official Groundspeak icons are used on the map.


If you change the default settings to get a white background, the screens are not too bad.

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One last thing, is the screen as dark as people make out? do you really need to use the backlight on full most of the time?


Coming from a Vista HCx you will probably think the screen is hard to read in certain circumstances compared to your Vista HCx. I would suggest going to a retailer where the sales rep will go with you and let you take the unit outside on a bright sunny day and see for yourself before buying. The Oregon series are great units but the screen's visibility in some circumstances could stand improvement.


Here is the condition where most users find it harder to view the screen easily. Outside on a bright sunny day when the unit is not in direct sunlight but in the shade with a lot of bright ambient light around. In this situation the backlight makes little difference; best thing is to just be aware and see for yourself before buying.

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Ok so the internernal meory should hold 3000 odd caches, descriptions and logs then? Getting the mapping on a CD then copying them to a bigger card isnt possible as GB Discoverer only comes on card when you buy a new oregon 450 bundle.


The icons used are the official ones. ok. But are they different to show multi's, trads, unknown, disabled etc.


Ok the screen thing I may go and find out about in a dealer before I buy if the other stuff works out.


Thanks for the help :P

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