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Butterfly 2010 Geocoin


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I got my Reservations in!!! these are beautiful....ended up get a second set for my sister.....has butterfly gardens...the first time I sent..( I had copy/pasted picture) she wrote back and said "Oh, they sound nice, I could not get the picture up". So I sent as an attachement, and she responded with "YES, I want them!!!"....

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:) Just checking to see if all the orders have shipped. Paypal went through last week. Thanks!

Hoping to have them all ship Friday. I had a mishap with my now previous bubble mailer supplier. They sent me 100 - 10x16 instead of 250 - 5x10 mailers. My replacement order is expected Friday. All Us orders will be shipped using paypal so you should see that transaction when it happens.

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Beautiful copper/green & silver/blue butterflies landed in my mailbox today. :) The secondary colors are brighter than I expected--the green one is accented with bright orange, & the blue one's spots are peach, not beige as my monitor shows. They are delightful! Well done, Mike & Jackalgirl!

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Question - are the butterflies suppose to open flat?

Every hinge is made by hand and not all open perfectly. If you are not happy please let me know and I'll make it right. Always do!

Thank you for your kind offer. I was just wondering. I have 3 that open halfway, and one that opens all the way. The one that opens all the way rattles around a little when closed. Since the hinge doesn't detract from the beauty of the coins, and since they're hand made, I'll just keep them as they are.


I haven't taken a good photo of the butterfly coins yet - my usual scanner trick doesn't work well with objects not completely flat - so here's a Common Buckeye from my garden, taken just 2 days before their metallic cousins arrived.



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Every hinge is made by hand and not all open perfectly. If you are not happy please let me know and I'll make it right. Always do!


I can attest to that :lol:


Got all my coins today. The colors and metals are beautiful! Now I'll have to watch for that orange one on ebay. :blink: I have some extras in case someone wants to trade.

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Temptation just got the best of me. I had to give in and order TWO of those beautiful ORANGE beauties to complete my collection!


I love the CacheAddict Morpho Butterflies, and have, so far, managed to get every one they've made. They look so pretty when you place them in black crafter's foam, and place them in an album.


Any time I go to an Event and take my coins, these get a LOT of attention!!!

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