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If you've already logged the cache as found, here's what you can do:


Create a new log entry, as in Droo's graphic, only select "Write note". Put in some short text like "coin drop", then select the appropriate trackable at the bottom of the page (again, as in Droo's graphic).


When you're done, the coin should show up in the cache's inventory. Now you can find your "note" log on the cache page, click "View / Edit Log". On the page to which this takes you, you'll see a [ Delete Log ] button. You can now delete the log. This cleans up the cache page but doesn't affect the cache inventory -- the coin will still be listed there.

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I do not have the graphic at the bottom that asks about the trackable item. I have logged that I picked it up. Am I doing something wrong?

You grab a coin from the coin page ...... but the drop is from the cache page.


So after you've logged your find you will be prompted at the bottom to add any trackables from your inventory that you may wish to drop off at the cache in question.

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