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generally is OK, depends how long you will hold them till you can drop them in another cache

and as courtesy to the owner, mention in your log that you will take them on vacation and how long you think you may be holding on to them

also make sure you are not taking them against their goal

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Revisiting a cache to move bugs is fine. Just post a Note not another Found it.


When you are picking up any bug, whether that be two or twenty of them, try to make a reasonable attempt to assist each bug towards its goal.


If you can't move them within the next two/three weeks you should probably wait to retrieve them from the cache container when you are actually ready to travel.

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To add to the above question:

How long would be too long to hang onto bugs for your trip?


It seems like where the bug has been, where it's going and where you are going are factors.


If you want to hold on to a bug for a month or more to take it on a trip check with the owner first. Most are pretty cool about it as long as they know their bug hasn't been forgotten.

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If I find a TB going somewhere I will be headed, esepcially a long distance hop to someplace like Hawaii, I always contact the owner before holding on to it. I give them the dates I will be traveling, and let them decide.


Sometimes I will let them know I will bring it back, so it doesn't get stuck somewhere (like the time I went to Guam).

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I head out for a2 month plus vacation twice a year and the week before I leave I harvest a bunch from the local area. When I pick them up I have a standard log I paste in that states my plans and says where I am going and when I will be going and to notify me if they don't want the bug to travel.


A couple of bugs lucked out a couple of months ago when i picked them up because they were aviation and wanted to go to Kitty Hawk which I was headed for in a month. The owners had no problem.

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