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I have a suggestion to help people who look at the gallery page as I have started to do. When posting pictures, put the location in the name of the picture for at least one of the pictures for a benchmark. For example, I usually put in something like this for the picture of the actual mark: "AA8610 (SL-04), Kirkwood, MO" The name shows up on the gallery page, so people can see at a glance where the benchmark is.


Please note that this is only a suggestion, and if you have a better idea, please let us know!

And, if you don't like, just don't do it!!



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Excellent suggestion, Rogbarn. Unfortunately, existing titles and captions can not be edited (unless I've somehow missed it). Narrative logs can be edited, but it seems that the only way to edit the text relating to an picture is to delete the image entirely, then re-upload with new caption/title. Perhaps someday soon, Jeremy? :-)

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