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Tokyo Visit.

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Sumida Park GC1251V is a nice area in Tokyo, also, Hell Valley GC1JB9C near Hakone has a nice view but you need to take a cable car to get there.

Ueno Park in Tokyo is a nice area too, Just outside the park is UENO#17 GC12AB5, easy to get but nice camo.


As for maps, If you have a Garmin then http://uud.info/ has maps for your GPS. We couldn't have made our trip without them.

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Kawagoe, in Saitame, about an hour out of Tokyo, so you don't have to go to Hakone or other distant places, has some caches. It's an old city "Ko Edo" or little or old Tokyo, has a lot of history and old buildings that you won't find in Tokyo, but look like Tokyo would have about 100 years ago. Go to Ikebukuro, on the Yamanote line and then take the Tobu Tojo Express to Kawagoe Station, about 43 minutes on the express. Semi express only takes about 10 minutes longer but the local is a lot longer, not recommended. The bell tower is pretty cool and Hikawa temple has a huge gateway. Anyway, enjoy your trip!!!!

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