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What story have you told someone to get them to go geocaching?

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a friend of mine got into it and started in with the "these things are EVERYWHRE" and "this weekend we found this one that was a log but it had a secret compartment" and then threw in the indiana jones twist of adventure to it. so we all said prove it. off we go his iphone in hand and we got a group of guys searching. a hundred or so finds later i find myself driving some friends around and i say, " im gonna stop and look for something real quick" thats right i kidnapped em and made them help me find a couple. fun little adventure game we have here...

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I tried this once... well, okay, more than once :D


"Dad! Do you hear that sound?"

"What sound?"

"The car is making a strange sound. I think we better pull over and check it out."

"I don't hear a sound."

"I do!" *pulls over at the upcoming rest area / next exit / historical marker*

"I still don't hear a sound."

"Oh, I guess it went away... hey, look, there's a cache here!"


It only worked the first time, though, sadly, before he got wise. But he suffers in silence. :D

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