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applications and the droid phone for geo caching


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Does anyone have recommendations for which apps work the best for geocaching using a droid phone? :D


Ive been useing **illegal app deleted by moderator** and its very good and lets you log your finds right from your phone... plus its free. and the gps has been acurate to within a meter.


Another app people use is geobeagle I hav it installed on my phone but i have not had a chance to test it out.


I also downloded simple gps for when the others are being finiky... you can type in the coodes in geocaching format and the phone will buzz when you reach the spot.. This one is not great untill you are decently close to the cache but i have found it has been acurate when the others are not.

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I'm pretty new to caching, and I wasn't sure yet whether I wanted to fork over the cash for a handheld, so I downloaded Geobeagle on my Droid. It works fairly well, and the closest it's gotten me to GZ so far has been within 8 feet. The only issue that I have with the app, occurs when you are looking at the "radar" screen; the directional arrow may be pointing directly behind you, but the number of feet remaining until you reach GZ is still going down while you're walking forward. Because of this, I ignore the arrow most of the time, and just watch the numbers. It hasn't prevented me from making a find yet.

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Closing thread rather than having to police it to remove recommendations for screen scraper applications. Over in the GPS and Technology forum, there are ongoing discussions of android applications (including the forthcoming Groundspeak app now in beta testing).

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