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My wife and I recently went power caching along one leg of the Trail of the Gods. There are several threads about the trail, so I won't belabor that point.


Speed was of the essence, and one of the things that really slowed us down (at first) was getting the logs out of the caches. The problem was that the caches were small metal tins that opened at one end. There was a bit of a lip, which interfered with removing the log unless it was carefully folded. Of course, since everyone who signed before us was in a hurry to set a record, no one carefully folded the log before putting it back. The net result was that the logs were often pretty well mangled, which only made them harder to extract.


Fortunately, I had a small needle nose pliers in my tool box. With it, I could reach into the cache, squeeze the log together so it would not catch on the lip and remove it. It was sort of like removing a hook from a fish ... only easier. By the end of the day, I didn't even bother putting the pliers into my pocket. It and a pen were always in hand.


Just a thought for those who have trouble getting logs out of small caches.

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