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Geocaching Logs

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I've been to a couple events and listened as people described keeping logs or going back and looking at finds from months/years ago. Do ya'll keep logs? Is it worthwhile? What's the best way of doing it? What information do you keep?


I have a notebook that has some notes in it, but it is nowhere near "log-like". It's more of a scribbled, muddied mess, that will probably be gone when the last page is filled.

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I just got started but have research what others are doing to help keep me organized. I got a composition book to write out what I had to do to find the cache. If I plan a puzzle cache I write out how I came about to solve it. Over time I should have a recorded to speed up the learning curve and become a better geocacher so goes the plan anyway ;)

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One of our group keeps a printout of each cache we do, with the date we find it.

I started to do that, but then decided that it was way easier to let my online logs be my method of keeping track of my finds and only printing out certain puzzles to keep on hand for future reference.


So puzzles or multis that I want to revisit or keep track of I print out, and write down the final coords and put the papers in a notebook, as well as in a database on my geo computer.

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I thought you were asking if we keep our old logbooks from our caches :D


I keep notes on caches that I haven't found, but once I find them I discard the notes. Even the coords to puzzle cache I've found. Once I sign the log, I delete the coords.


I do often go back through my profile and look at caches that I have found though.

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Appreciate all the insight. Thought maybe I was missing out on an important aspect of the sport. I guess I can see somehow keeping information on puzzle or unique caches I've logged because, at some point, I would like to hide my own cache. Info like that might be useful.



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We keep the logs. Mostly to verify who has actually visited the cache and for posterity. Most of our logs don't make it, sense the caches get muggled. So a full cache log is a rarity!


I don't know if we are talking CO or not here. As a CO, I have retrieved some logs (they are hanging in my garage). Others have been muggled. They are always online on the severs where they belong.


As a network computer teckie guy, I always recommend that you keep your work on the server and not the workstation.

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I have some friends that, for their first couple of years of caching, took pictures of every cache they found. They had told me this, but since they didn't post spoilers, I hadn't really seen any of them until, for a milestone birthday of mine, they presented me, as a birthday gift, a DVD showing the photos of them finding my hides. It was a very very cool gift!

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I use paperless caching and log directly to the geocaching.com web site, which I find very convenient, but it doesn't allow me to record information about the location of the cache or clues to solve puzzle caches. Therefore, I keep a separate log book with that information.

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I keep my own database of every cache I find or hide. I keep the GC number, name, latitude, longitude, date found and state. I also have a note which amounts to a spoiler and sometimes keep a note that it is a particularly good or clever hide.


This way, I can provide a lifeline to a friend (though this rarely happens). I can also see how many caches I have found in a particular time frame or area.


Keeping this is generally not too difficult (except for the power trail I recently did).

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Do ya'll keep logs? Is it worthwhile? What's the best way of doing it? What information do you keep?


Last year I gave myself the goal of keeping a paper logbook going for all of our geocaching activities. I got a three pack of faux moleskines and stuck them in my gear. They were very useful, but after misplacing one, starting in on another, and eventually having all three going at the same time in no particular chronological order, I gave it up. I still carry them but only for notes in the field on puzzles and multis and as scratch pads. YMMV.

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I recently bought a Rite in The Rain logbook from Amazon so I could keep better notes about TB's, coins, ideas I had when visiting a unique cache, etc. If we do a lot in a day -like when we cached from MT back to WA last summer- I cannot keep everything straight in my head. It just makes things a ton easier.


When it's full, I'll probably keep it for awhile. But it has definitely helped me to remember the order of things and the little 'aha' moments that happen.

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