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Logging miles for Geocoins


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I just recieved my first Geocoins in the mail. I plan to keep them with me for others to discover. I don't want to place them in caches. I met another cacher while out and about so we discovered each other's coins. So to make a long story short, I have seen people log caches say they dipped their coins to get miles. First of all, why do they do that? I understand that when you send your GC or TB out the logs track your item and show how far they traveled. So why dip a coin? What do you gain? Can anyone shed some light on this? Who knows, might be something I want to do with my coins. :D

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congrats on your new geocoins! many cachers like to "dip" their geocoins as another way to log and document their own personal miles traveled and trips taken. sort of like an online journal of your travel adventures. you can also "dip" a new geocoin into geocaches you've already found in the past, if you would like a total miles traveled while geocaching account record (although this may be a tedious and time consuming task). i had a geocoin i only dipped when it crossed a state line. it was fun to look back and view the map of my hops back and forth across the states! :D

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