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Would this be considered Destroyed?

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Benchmark DN1062


When I got there I spoke with the land owner who told me that he knew what I was looking for.


He took me to a corner of his property and showed me a concrete azimuth station that had been dug up and put in a trash pile.


He told me that the others were around here somewhere, but he didn't know where. They were that way when he purchased the property 15 years ago.


I visually and physically checked the area for the Triangulation and Azimuth # 1 stations with nadda results. Only slight surface indentions where the stations should have been.


My questions are:


1. Will the information and photos taken of azimuth # 2 satisfy the NGS requirements of a (Destroyed) benchmark?


2. The owner would like for it to be reset. Anyone have any experience in this area? Should I contact a local surveyer, send NGS an email or just forget the idea....


Thank for your thought and time! icon_smile.gif


~Honest Value Never Fails~

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The recovery submission page lists the following conditions of a recovered mark...


Select condition of mark:


Not recovered, not found

Poor, disturbed, mutilated, requires maintenance


In addition, it only provides one condition for destroyed...


Note: For destroyed marks do one of the following:

1) If you found the actual marker separated from its setting, you may report the point as destroyed.


Technically, the mark has not been separated from it's setting, although the entire setting has been uprooted. I think I'd report it as recovered in Poor condition as it has obviously been disturbed and does require maintenance. A detailed description of it's current location, as described above should be included.


The NGS doesn't have the funds to maintain the marks, so it's not likely they'll reset it. A private survey crew could do it but someone would have to foot the bill.



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The trianulation station wasn't found. Only one of the azimuth stations, and it was dug up and chunked.


I don't know yet...maybe!


Think I need to go back and look around a little more. The others are bound to be there somewhere.


Thanks icon_smile.gif


~Honest Value Never Fails~

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There usually only one azimuth mark set for a Tri Station, therefore what you are calling Azimuth Stations are probably Reference Marks. The Azimuth Mark generally would be several thousand feet away. Reference Marks reference the actual Tri Station. It is the Tri Station itself you would be filing a recovery note on.


One has to be very careful about reporting a mark as missing/destroyed. I recovered a benchmark that was buried about 2 1/2 feet deep. I carefully probed the area and hit the concrete around the mark and dug it out. Even if I had not recovered it, I would not have reported it missing, unless it was obvious that a highway, building, etc. had been built there.


The NGS does not have the funds to maintain current marks, they have to rely on local surveyors, highway departments, etc. to help out. Replacing a mark is a very expensive process.

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The marker you photographed laying in the trash pile, which is RM 2, not the azimuth mark, is obviously destroyed, but any others you have not seen would be properly described as not found. Note that the disk says reference mark and not azimuth mark. Either you or the land owner may contact a local surveyor about the status of the other markers in this group, but if he says that he knows the others have been gone for 15 years then the local surveyors are probably already aware of that fact as well. There is no particular reason for the land owner to need any of these markers to be reset, since they have no bearing upon the location of his property, but like many land owners he may not be aware of that. Again, if they really have been gone for 15 years, then they almost certainly have already been replaced by other newer markers set elsewhere in the vicinity.

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I love learning new things!


Uptil now I thought that if it had a pointer it was an azimuth. This explains alot. When the land owner and I was reading over the data sheet it made reference to the azimuth being near a highway that is some distance from this station. It didn't make sense until now. I've gotta to see if it's still there!


Thanks to all!


~Honest Value Never Fails~

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