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Another "Collector"

d three and cappie g

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I was wondering how you were able to tell from his profile what bugs he currently has.


I don't think any of the admin's are going to contact him based on a topic post.


If you go into his profile page, click Trackables, then click on the icon of the moved/discovered TB's. The location on each of those bugs shows that the "collector" has them yet.

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Let me see if I can "hypothetically" guide him along when I get home from work later today. Stay tuned. I will be removing his name and profile from the original post here.

You cannot ban people who hold TBs, because then they can't log them when they drop them off. Also, you don't know that they didn't already drop them off and forgot to log them. All kinds of things happen. Just teach your newbies well when you introduce them to the game, and provide them with all the information you can!

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there should be a guideline allowing Groundspeak to ban those accounts that obviously steal trackables.


Sounds good to me...


But then how do you keep them from just starting/opening a new account? By IP #? Mine changes everytime I log on.


I also make use of alot of "FREE" wifi "HOT Spots" too like many others. All have different IP's and they don't track who is on an IP either.


So while having Groundspeak kill of an "Abusers" account. They could just reopen one. Not to hard to do.


Oh and even if you can't use the same email addy. Not to hard to grab a new on on the internet either.



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