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Good caches Cottonwood/Sedona, AZ

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As a matter of fact, I think I can help you out.


We recently spent time in Cottonwood caching. We had a blast.


At someones home, but a fun one. Nice to meet the owner too.



A fun "task" to perform to get this good sized cache.



I love cemetery caches



The weather stopped us from finding this one, but it seemed like fun



If you get to Camp Verde, try anything by CactusArtKids. This cache is just off the interstate but is rather fun too.



If you go to Cornville, a restaurant called Manzanita is ranked among the top 25 in the state. I havent tried it yet but folks I know are repeat customers. Murphys Grill in Cottonwood is a good place to eat too. If you have time, take the Verde Canyon railroad trip from nearby Clarkdale.






Hope this helps.

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One excellent drive is from Sedona up 89a to Flagstaff is also excellent!


In the Sedona area - some of my favorite finds have been:


November Juliet Echo Romeo India GC17EC9

Home On The Porch GC19CXD

Red Rock Ohana GC1TDX3 (One of our hides)

10th Anniversary St. Patrick's Day Cache GCTZQ3 (In Jerome)

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