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What GPS should I buy?

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I own an oregon 300 which I love. However I would like to get an automotive GPS that would map a route to the cache. Are there any out there that are capable of downloading the coordinates or that the coordinates could be manually loaded? The Garmin NUVi 500 is capable of downloading, but is a 3.5 inch screen and does have some other features I like in my present GPS.

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I have a Nautiz X7 from The Handheld Group. It´s a fully rugged (IP67/MIL-STD 810G) Windows Mobile PDA with SirfStarIII GPS unit, barometer, g-sensor, good battery time and a really good preinstalled compass. The main use is as a reliable worktool to help me in my work. I have grave ADD-problems and therefore need a sturdy PDA as technical disability aid. Outdoor construction/repair work and the memory of a goldfish creates the need for a allweather PDA


Tomorrow I will use my PDA to geocache for the first time, and I realise in advance that it´s a very capable tool to cache with. I´m in no way a newbie user of GPS technology, but the power of paperless usage is quite new to me.


The downside is the price. $1700.00 is a lot of money. Personally I couldn´t afford it, but now then I have it available I will put it to full use. I definitly recommend this kind of product for those who can afford it.

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Speaking from experience.... I bought a Garmin Etrex Vista HCx. ($200.00 from Amazon). I was brand new to Geocaching and was excited to get one. Before doing all my homework, like I usually do, I bought this unit.


I am one month into Geocaching and I am envy of all those Paperless GPS systems out there. I want one so bad. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with my GPS. I can down-load the information and it leads me to it. But I either have to print out the "Cache info" or use my cell phone when I am needing more information.


I am trying to hold out on getting a new one but it's hard. Make sure you buy a GPS that your not going to outgrown in a matters of days. I am hooked on Geocaching and can see me doing this for a long time. Spend just a little more money and get yourself a unit you'll be happy with.


Just my input!! Thanks and good luck.


Sorry I am late to this thread, but...the Vista HCx is fine for the final "kill". What you need is a NUVI with GSAK and the macro to put the paperless information into the NUVI. That way the NUVI can be used to get you there on the streets and provide the geocache information. The iPhone works great too but that is another story, you have to pay for the service.


I must say I might be looking for a PN-40 pretty soon for the satellite views (which iPhone can provide).

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:huh: I guess I just answered my own question. I just purchased a Tom Tom XXL 530S which is a 5" car GPS. It has a lot of nice features and was on sale for $99. What I like is that it has the capabilty of downloading coordinates manually. Sure is nice to be able to plan some routes to the caches without printing out maps, as we use to do. Of course it won't take you right to the cache, put it will plan the route and get you close enough so that you can use your handeld. I know Garmin has some units that are coordinate capable. However, the Tom Tom was a lot less money and works just fine.
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