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"X" cut on the curb

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Several people have posted pictures of some of the various types of marks that are mentioned in the benchmark pages. Here is a photo of an "X" cut in the curb. This is the first one I've ever found, mostly because once I find a benchmark, I don't bother checking all the various landmarks used to locate it exactly. But this one actually helped me find the exact location since I had a small problem finding it. It was under a small amount of grass and dirt. Note how the mark was highlighted with paint. Anyway, I thought this it might be helpful to the benchmark hunting community to post this.

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Wow, on a curb? that wouldn't last one snow season here; the first half drunk snowplow driver down that street would scrape that right off! (The full drunk ones remove the whole curb!)


Good example of the chiseled X, square, etc. that was in question recently.


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Originally posted by Black Dog Trackers:

Here's a http://img.Groundspeak.com/benchmark/lg/4662_400.jpg that shows the amazing detail on a PK nail.


I just noticed something that is not a big deal, but it would nice if it could be remedied. When someone provides a direct link to a benchmark picture as BDT did here, there is no way to know what benchmark it is assoicated with. There is no link on the picture page to the benchmark page. Even the URL does not contain any identifier except a sequential number of the picture (now in the 7,000 range).

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Originally posted by RogBarn:

Several people have posted pictures of some of the various types of marks that are mentioned in the benchmark pages. http://img.Groundspeak.com/benchmark/lg/8471_300.jpg is a photo of an "X" cut in the curb.


I recently found this benchmark that makes reference ot a "T" chiseled on teh curb. I was able to find the T but it was so shallow and in granite so I couldn't get a very good photo of it. These chiseled references and benchmarks are tricky to find.


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here is a pic of a chiseled square i came across while searching for a BM, it was in place of the disc i guess, never did find the actual BM, but the faded spray paint seems to say "BM-something or other" needless to say I didnt count it as a find, but I am wondering if this would be a so called "chiseled square" when looking for such? here is a closeup of the chiseled square.


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