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Geocaching LIVE video web streaming

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Later today (March 31, 2010), I'll be testing out for the first time, going portable with my live video web stream while I'm geocaching. The test should go from between 9am and 12pm..maybe longer if it runs really smoothly. Not sure how it will working but if you want to watch, check out these URLs:



http://www.livestream.com/weatherwarriors (back-up to the above)


and to know when I go live, follow me on my twitter: http://www.twitter.com/weatherwarrior1


This is a test, and I don't know exactly how it will pan out, and for the most part while portable (on foot) I will not be able to see the laptop, but I do have the software set-up to auto refresh the stream, just be patient and it should only take 30 seconds or so to retain.


When the stream is not live, you'll see other weather related video (or part of my trip down to the Florida Keys) to keep you entertained between skips in coverage, or when I'm not live.

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I've I'm watching you as you go to the cache, can you sign my name in the log as well?


Kidding! Kidding! Sounds like a really interesting experiment. I'll try to catch it, but 6 a.m. - 9 a.m. Pacific is not a convenient time for me. Good luck with the test.


Thanks...appreciate the well wishes. I didn't even think about Pacific time.


I'm finishing up some prep work (and late breakfast), I'm guessing the stream will start around 10:30am. I'll likely be able to extend it into the 2pm hour east coast...hopefully that'll get it closer to lunch time out that way.

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I've I'm watching you as you go to the cache, can you sign my name in the log as well?


Kidding! Kidding! Sounds like a really interesting experiment. I'll try to catch it, but 6 a.m. - 9 a.m. Pacific is not a convenient time for me. Good luck with the test.


Look, brother - why bother with the hassle of signing the log?!?! All you have to do is see the cache in order to submit a "found it" online!!! :laughing:


Seriously, for the OP - sounds new and innovative. Will be interesting to see how it goes, and good luck with the test. May want to consider not revealing the cache hides, since there may be some cache owners who would not wish for their hides to be broadcasted for all.


Have fun!

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This is SOOOO Cooool!


I'm watching you take pictures of something in the cache; now you're packing it back up, and OWWWWWW!


I know you can't do anything about it, but the commercial audio is WAY louder than your video. I wish I had been listening on the speakers instead of headphones!


Warning to others: At the top of the screen it counts down to the commercial. When it gets to "1," turn down the volume!

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have you tried Ustream? I was steaming during 1 of the snowstorms back in February, 24/7 no commercials and free!

I am working on a possible Ustream simulcast...but it's not going to be ready for a little bit. Livestream offers lots more control and options that Ustream doesn't. However my geocaching stuff isn't part of the normal programming for Weather Warrior TV (via livestream.com) so I may use it for that. Livestream didn't originally have the commercial thing when I signed up, or for a long time after. It has been a rather large thorn as of late.


Thanks to those that watched. It was a test, and overall it was successful. One thing of not I will have to work on is the mic issue (audio level). I also don't like that today (for the second time), the software crashed more than once. I know part of it is due to a windows 7 graphics issue, but I have to ask my expert about it.


The streaming does slow down the pace of caching, but I'm not too worried about that. I love to entertain, and I'm sure I'll do this again in the near future. Might even become a regular thing....which will be fun on the first really hard cache when I can't find the cache. I can see the chat room now:


"no, look over there"

"I can't believe he can't see it...I see it"

"He's been caching how long...LOL"

"It's not even three stars"

"He walked right over it"

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Thinking about restarting this idea. I took a break from caching and don't stream video for storm chasing anymore, so will likely change a few things around. However, I think there are many new technologies that might make this easier, and more fun.


I don't know if others have done it (no one was when I did this before), so hopefully I can kinda keep the uniqueness part of it.

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There is something cool about looking at a LIVE geo trip,

however it takes alot of time, and most of the time, it is walking or driving..

I prefer the recorded clips, takes less time, more action packed

Yeah, it generally wouldn't be something that is continuous. There is some things you can do while driving & walking. I tend to do a lot of commentary (relive old cache experiences, talk about the area I'm in, etc.). For many, it would be something to leave up in the background on the computer, and just check in every once and awhile. I would also try to see if I could tweet when I'm getting close to the cache. Like storm chasing, there is a bit of time that is just waiting, but somehow I kept it entertaining. Last time I did it, viewers ranged from one or two, to a high of only around 20. If there is a means to have a interactive chat with the stream (and I can be part of it while caching), that is better still. Biggest challenge is still the ability to keep the video quality up, and enough battery power from the computer/transmitter, camera, etc.
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