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Nova Scotia Parks Geocaching Challenge


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Nova Scotia Provincial Parks and ACGA have partnered to provide a new geocaching challenge for the 2010 season. The inaugural launch event will be held at Smiley's Provincial Park on June 19th 2010 (GC25MQ2).


Five official park sanctioned geocaches will be part of the geocaching challenge, which will be spread across five (5) provincial parks in Nova Scotia. The geocaches will be published on June 19th 2010.


You will be required to use a passport provided at participating provincial parks or download from ACGA or Nova Scotia Parks (to be published). Each passport will list out the rules, disclaimers and more importantly the list of geocaches that are part of the challenge.


But before finding the geocaches, you will need to review your knowledge of trees (hardwood, softwood).


As part of the challenge, each of the five geocaches have a central theme; trees.


Once you find the geocache, use the supplied punch to your passport to keep track of your finds. After completing all five geocaches, simply mail in your passport to the address supplied to Nova Scotia Parks and you will receive a limited edition trackable geocoin.


As mentioned, you will be required to visit five provincial parks in order to complete the challenge. The parks involved are the following:

• Amherst Shore Provincial Park

• Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park

• Battery Provincial Park

• Smiley's Provincial Park

• Salsman Provincial Park


Visit the following link often as more information about the event will be posted. http://bit.ly/aLARgl

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