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Saddleworth Moor A.635 Road

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Just looking on GEarth these co-ords near the Milepost is a large layby westbound



And here for Eastbound


With a main Carpark 1km east of here


I was wondering if the data could be gained from an on-line resource. Google Streetview? Google Earth? On-line OS Maps?



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Google StreetView is certainly the tool for the job.


Every metre of that road is imaged in great detail and with pannable zoomable panorama too.


The infamous layby is easily viewed here.


To obtain co-ords of the camera head, click on the "link" icon at the upper right of the screen. The second set of co-ords in the address string are the ones you want. The first set are merely whatever was the first search term you started with. Towards the end of the line you can even see the True Bearing to the centre of the image (003° in this case).


The layby shown above is the one which formed the datum for the several unsuccessful searches. I presume the coloured balloons tied to the fence are some kind of memorial to the kid.

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* Their car was parked in the Layby of the A.635 , opposite 'Shiny Brook' as they zigged zagged to x). That is the Map Coordinates I need in OSGB please........

2 laybys near Shiny Brook at

SE075071 N53:33:41 W1:53:16


SE076072 N53:33:43 W1:53:07

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