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Garmin Oregon

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I am lookin into getiin a garmin oregon to do Wherigo caches and so that i can read caches pages better without my ipod. Does anybody have any suggestion. The primary reason for this is Wherigo caches and i also want it to be like 300-350 if possible.

I need all the help i can get

Thank you

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:D I am enjoying my Oregon 550t. Having the camera built in means I don't forget to bring one. I don't know anything about Wherigo. Do you know someone that has one so you could go out and see how it works with them before you shell out the bucks.
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I splurged and got a 550t also. Camera, paperless, touchscreen...it's all awesome. Paperless allows you to see the description, recent logs, and hints, so no more carrying printouts or copying notes. I downloaded a Wherigo, but haven't been able to do it yet. Although, I did the tutorial while I was out at a park one day. Kids thought it was pretty cool. Definitely recommend checking one out.

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I went with the Oregon 550 and use the camera a lot more than I expected to when I bought it. Added 24K maps to it later, so I do not miss the 100K maps that come with the 't' version. Very pleased with it. I take it hiking, geocaching, and it has been on 3 river trips with me so far in the kayak, doubling as both GPSr and camera.

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