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Any advice with Satmap

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As Bukleberry has said


first make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version of the firmware version 1.42 and Satsync 1.42.


Then run your pocket query.


Connect Satmap to your PC, turn on and open SatSync.


Click on import then locate the Pocket Query Zip file and import it to satmap, selecting either SD card or internal memory.


Satsync will automatically unzip the pocket query and convert the GPX files into a .map format on import.


Job done.


If you want to use geocaching icons instead of the blue circles then you need to also download and import the "My POI Icons.zip" file from the satmap website and import them into satmap. instruction are contained on the help file within Satsync. You will also need to configure the import settings on import tab 2/2 in settings of satsync.


If you can't get this to work it could well be that you have an older version of the Satmap platform. Check your firmware version and platform in the Satmap setting>about it should say something like version 1.42 (xx.xxx.xx) the platform version is the one in brackets. Let us know what it is.


Good luck.

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As per K9 Crew - although it does work on software v1.40.xxx which is what I'm using.


[Note to self upgrade soon]


Satmap is getting certainly more geocache friendly than it used to be, of course it helps that one of the key software developers is a cacher.

I used to use my own software to process the GPX data before importing - now I just used Satsync as provided.


I made a comment in a recent letter about Wherigo caches when putting my Satmap in for a service and received a phone asking what Wherigo involved. Hopefully this has been added to the satmap development wishlist.

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