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Garmin Dakota 10

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I am thinking about upgrading to a Garmin Dakota 10 if any body has one out there I would love to here the pro and cons of that unit. I will be upgrading from a Summit and giving that unit to my daughter.
Depending upon which features of your Summit you enjoyed most, you may need to reconsider moving to the Dakota 10 and look at the Dakota 20 instead - especially if you made good use of the mag compass feature of the Summit. The Dakota 10 does not include that feature. The Dakota 20 not only has it, but improves upon it.


I kept my Summit HC - my daughter isn't interested - but my grandson may soon consider tackling a cache on his own. The Dakota 20 is now the "primary" unless I am worried about accuracy in a hurry. The Summit HC always seems to settle far more quickly for me.

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I have the Dakota 20 and I like it a lot, I'd suggest taking a close look at the specs on both before you buy the 10. There's a minimal price difference and the Dakota 10 seems pretty severely crippled - no microSD card slot, no magnetic compass, no wireless transfer, etc.

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Thanks for the info, so otherwise I would be down grading if I got the dakota10 with that info.
Well, a bit of both, actually. Keeping the mag compass from your Summit requires you go with the Dakota 20. Beyond that, the features of the Dakota 10 and 20 both are already either a match or an improvement over the same features of the Summit HC.


But as has been noted, going to the Dakota 20 buys you an memory card slot, something you didn't have on the Summit, either, but allows you to go completely nuts with both topo and routeable maps. That and the compass are the two big features that take the 20 beyond the 10. I haven't had occasion to ever try the feature that permits sending individual cache data from one unit to another.

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