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Grant's Trail, St. Louis, MO

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I posted this in the main forum, but then after looking around the forums more, saw there was region specific forums, so thought I would retry it here:


Hey everyone, my fiancee and I just started Geocaching (had our first find earlier today). Anyways, we were supposed to go out of town for Easter, but he couldn't get off work for part of it. We both have Good Friday off, and I was thinking it might be fun for us to plan an outdoor activity (if St. Louis weather cooperates, which it rarely does).


We live really close to Grant's Trail, specifically we would probably be entering the Trail behind Grant's Farm, near Whitecliff Park. I thought it might really build some excitement for us and give us a nice break from studying and working, so thought maybe a day finding numerous caches would be alot of fun, and give us some exercise. Looking at the map, there are a ton of Geocaches along this trail, was wondering what everyone's favorites were. We have only seen one cache so far, so we would love a wide variety, so we can see lots of different things. Haven't decided which direction we will be going, but we will probably be on bikes. Posts your favorites please!




P.S. We currently only have an Iphone to use, since any spare money goes to wedding planning right now.

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If you want to see a wide variety of cache containers and hiding styles, Grant's Trail is the right place to go! We cached the trail back when we were newbies, and it was definitely a learning experience. One of our favorites was Ulysses' Micro, which won a "Best Of" Award in 2007 from the St. Louis Area Geocachers Association (SLAGA). You can check out SLAGA's website at http://www.slaga.org.

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I live in Idianapolis, but visit my St Louis sister often. Remember to bring apples and stop and pet the Clydesdales. But watch that top rail: it's wired and it'll bite. The horses know this, which is why they don't come too close to the fence.


Caches are all a series of micros for the most part. Be prepared to stop every 524 ft or so.





Clyde and his fetlocks:



rolling in the grass:


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