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Hiding a Cache


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I was looking at some threads down below and saw that one person posted that they have placed 15 caches so far for an event they are holding on the 17th of April. It is kind of a FTF event where the FTF race will be on. There are details but I forget. My real question is to the fact that all of his caches were being published at the same time. How do I do this? Also, how do I create an event? I am looking to hide a few caches on my own and I want them to be released at the same time. Help me out?

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And when you read the guidelines, you'll learn that "timed release" caches for an event should be submitted at least ten days in advance. This gives the reviewer time to review all the caches, and to make arrangements for publication if they are not available at the desired time (like when I go on a backpacking trip).


But if you think about it, the ten day guideline makes sense for the hider, too. Suppose your ten event caches were all part of an interrelated scavenger hunt or puzzle mystery. If you hide the caches in the park on Saturday and write up the cache pages Sunday night, you might hear from your reviewer on Monday or Tuesday. What happens if two of the caches have proximity issues because they're too close to multicache stages that you didn't know about? Now you have to redesign your plans, or take time off work to return to the park before the weekend.


If you submit the caches at least ten days in advance for review, then you will have the weekend prior to the event in order to make changes, if necessary.

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My advice: get some more experience first. Attend some events and talk to other cachers who have placed caches. They also can give you advice how to get approval from the land owners.


When you plan to place a group of caches in one area search for as much as possible caches in tah are, so you know what's out there and if you might run into problems with other caches or waypoints.


Also try to add someting extra in your caches. A great view, historic interesting place or an interesting way of hiding the cache. If other cachers like your hide you will get more positive feedback and satisfaction.

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