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Retiring as reviewer

Fish Eagle

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I've decided to stand down from reviewing and I'll soon be announcing who your new reviewer will be.


Despite my best intentions to retire early, I've been overtaken by that dreaded dirty word "work" and need to free up my time to focus on (hopefully) making a buck or two to fill in the big hole left in my retirement planning by the recession.


I'll still be around for a while to ensure a smooth transition, and I have yet to decide whether I'll remain a relief reviewer or retire completely from reviewing.


I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to the wonderful South African geo-community.

It's been a pleasure working with you, I've made many geo-friends, and enjoyed it thoroughly. :smile:

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NO!!! :smile:


What a shock! And what big shoes to fill in order to match your world-class act. Well, I guess one has to do what one has to do, just know that we respect the work you've done and you have become a legend - thank you very much!


All the best, and who knows what the future holds, let's hope you're back soon or stay on as part-time reviewer.

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I totally second dakardrix's sentiments: NO!!!


I unfortunately never had the chance to meet you (yet), but yes, your replacement would have his work cut out... :smile: Thanks for all the advice in the past regarding permission for cache placement, and in particular your outstanding work regarding geocaches in the KNP.


I'll have to clean up Nelspruit at some stage... I'll see you around then! :)

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Andy it is a sad day to see you go. I have not placed many caches or chatted much with you but I have always found your support to be totally fair and understanding and your patience and integrity outstanding. Thanks for all your effort and commitment which has made caching for the rest of us such a pleasure.


Thanks Andy

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Thank you for all the hard work you have put in over the years. You will be sorely missed. You have had to act in many roles and have done it admirably, especially when pouring oil on troubled waters with utmost diplomacy.


Does this mean that you will actually have more time for geocaching yourself? Are your numbers going to suddenly soar?


May you indeed prosper in your new endeavours.



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That's terrible news! Totally understandable though.


I would just like to say a heartfelt thanks for all the amazing work you have done. Thank you for your diligence, speed of reviewing caches, ballanced and even judgments, friendly pointers at oversights and helpful suggestions.


Thanks too for the hard work regarding caching in the KNP. I hope your involvment there will continue.


The excellent guidlines regarding cache placement in Africa will continue to give Reviewer guidance to those planning to place a cache.


Please train the next Reviewer to be as good as you!


Hope you get a bit more time for finding caches inbetween all that work!

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Wow sad news, what a lot of effort you have put in, and well done indeed for all your outstanding work!

It must be a quite a bit of a burden off your bank to allow you to concentrate on more important things like . . .work :smile: . What the . . . .?? :)


Sorry the retirement plans did not work out yet, but hope you still have lots of spare time for some caching!

Enjoy the reviewing break!

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Well the crunch gets the best of us doesn't it. Andy you have been a wonderful asset to the Geocaching community in a whole. Thank you for you dedication and support throughout the two (?) years as reviewer.. But most of all for been a great friend... Welcome back to the working world..

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Geocaching in South Africa has grown tremendously under your watch...


If this was a rugby game and you were the referee, no one would be able to point a finger at you...

You knew the rules, you blew the game fair, and the game was the winner in the end...

And you were slow with red and yellow cards, but speedy with advice and guidance...

Thanks for everything, and all the best for the future...

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We have not had a chance to meet, but hopefully we will get the oppertunity to do so in the near future!


Thank you for all the advice when it came to publishing our caches. We have learnt a lot from you and appreciate all the effort you put into the Goecaching community.


All the best in your new ventures!


CJ & Brigitte

Happy Hunters SA

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Thanks for all the help, sage advice and guidance when I have been struggling to get caches placed. I was also always amazed at the hours you seem to hold and the speed at which caches were reviewed and released.


Wish you all the best and hopefully we can meet up when I eventually get up to Nelspruit, although with all this extra time now on your hands :smile: ,maybe it is time to pop down to Cape Town and clean up some caches.


All the best,



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Oh no! This is sad news indeed! I agree with all the sentiments expressed above that whoever is chosen to replace you will have massive shoes to fill!


Thank you so much for all you help. You were always very clear and patient when dealing with me and all my newbie questions.


All the very best for your future plans!


(I hope that you will still be caching? I have yet to get up to Nelspruit...!)

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Andy and Lindy we are very close and shared lots of good times (And will still do in the future). We know how hard you have worked even when the we relax around the camp fires you are sitting there with your laptop open and handling all our mails and reviewing caches that gives you more gray hair. Thinking back you have done more for Geocaching in SA than all of us combined; like dividing SA into provinces and the KNP issues.


All the best for the future and hopefully you and Lindy will get more sleep at night now.

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Thanks Fish Eagle. You did a stunning job - the speed at which you published caches was phenomenal. Proud to have our own local boytjie doing the homework for us. You have done a good stint and time to pass the baton. Best of luck and thanks in advance to the next cacher (ROTSIP) prepared to step in your shoes.

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What else can I ad that hasn't been said already??


You will be sorely missed as our local reviewer. Often when cachers get together your name comes up and you hold the highest respect from all the one's I've spoken to.


Your outstanding diplomacy, your (24hr) dedication and even your caching sense of humour (XXX_Treme)!


I wish you all the best in the future. Maybe you should run for president, I guarantee you'll have each and every cachers vote!

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Sorry to see this new development.


Andy & Lindy, you've been a very big part of my geocaching upbringing. I've learned a lot about most aspects of this game from you.


Your caches gave me insight and ideas and your insight and ideas gave me in return caches.


There is still so much to learn and I'm really privileged to say that I know that I can knock on my next-town-neighbor's door when ever I need some advice.


Thanks for all your dedication to the game and especially the things close to home like the National Parks and spending numerous hours reviewing our listings.


Best off all for the future and we'll see you at the event in May. . . that is if I don't meet you at a nearby FTF <_<

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Dear Andy and Lindy


Andy, Thank you so much for being the AWESOME reviewer that you were. We know that what you did was beyond reviewing cache listings - you did so much more! You are a true example of dedication and commitment. We appreciate all that you have done for our Geocaching community. We are so proud to have been able to have met you and spent some quality time with you.


Lindy, Thank you for always being there and supporting Andy. We really enjoyed meeting you and will not forget the delicious salads you prepared.


We hope your Events keep coming, and we hope to see you sometime soon!


All the best with your future endeavours. We hope all your plans work out!


Best wishes

Rolf, Silvia, Nadia & Enzo


(Our original post has gone missing, hence this new post :rolleyes: ).

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Well done team - great work to all ivolved in Team Fish Eagle.


Andy - thank you for some great institutions that you put in - it is so good to see someone standing down on top of their game rather than pushing it too late.


Well done - and thank you for your dedication and gracious and diplomatic input throughout.


I wish you well with work and trust that your objectives and goals will be met timeously and still with enough time for family and caching.

Go well to the next waypoint.

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Wow, that's like the end of an era!


You're basically the only reviewer I've ever dealt with, and I was always so impressed by your quick responses. Sometimes I got the impression that you knew my own caches better than I did myself! Thanks for all the time and effort you put in!


You do indeed leave a rather large pair of shoes to fill!


All the best for the future


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Gosh, we leave the country for a few weeks and get back to all these changes.........


Andy, you have done an amazing job and we both appreciate it all so very much. You were always there whenever we needed you and are going to be a very hard act to follow. But most of all, we thank you and Lindy for your great friendship and look forward to spending time together in the future - either down here in the Western Cape or in Nelspruit.

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I have only place one cache so far, and that being a 10 year event cache. Thank you for the help you gave in that. I know I haven't met you yet, but hope that we will meet sometime in the not to distant future. Good luck in your endeavours for the future.

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