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GPS for sale

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I have 2 or 3 spare Garmin E-trexes back in SA that I don't need anymore.

Not the most advanced model, I know, but if anyone knows any one who wants a basic GPS, they are in good condition still, not used much.

Price - unsure :surprise:


Is this the basic Yellow E-trex? ie it has some design printed on the front in black or red, or the E-trex H and improvement - looks the same but the design is missing from the front. H means it has a high sensitivity receiver.


I have an E-trex H and i think it is great. Coupled with a serial cable I can load waypoints and offload tracks.


Bought mine for R1100 from Cape Union Mart 2 years ago.


If your price is right I might buy a spare.

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I have an eTrex Vista HCx with a 1GB micro-SD card, windscreen mounting bracket, 12V power cable, USB cable and all original packaging for sale. Reason - upgraded to a Montana 600. B):P This unit has excellent reception and has served me extremely well.


It is loaded with South Africa Street Maps v4. I will load any of the following maps if required - City Navigator Middle East NT 2008; City Navigator Australia 2010; City Navigator Europe NT 2011.1; OSM Jordan 2011.


I will deliver it anywhere in Gauteng or Rustenburg area late next month or early November. I can also get in to KZN very easily if need be. Western Cape might take a little longer.


I see the basic eTrex [yellow] being advertised on Gumtree for R1000!! There is no comparison. My price R2000 o.n.o.


I can be contacted directly via e-mail at cincol@qatar.net.qa

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Spotted this on another forum. Please contact the seller directly if you are interested.



Kinnie van Eeden <kinnieve@gmail.com> Sep 27 12:51PM +0200 ^


Good morning,


Blatant advertising. I am selling my Garmin Oregon 550. Asking price



Upgraded to Montana and happy with it.


If interested, please contact me off list.






Kinnie van Eeden

Regional Security Advisor

Current location: Home, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Mobile: +27 72 730 3271 (South Africa)

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