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Looking for an accurate GPS

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Does anybody know of any good starter units that I might be able to get? I have four hundred dollars to my name and am paying my way through college so I'm not going to spend too much. Any suggestions?


I have something that fits the bill. I have a Magellan explorist 500. COme with all the stuff needed to get started. I am a freshman in college and started with this one too ! I know how you feel. Its yours for 120. I will pay shipping.

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just make sure it hsa high sensitivity receiver and anyone will get you started. You need the high sensitvity for heavy tree and mountain hollows


THis great unit is like brand new. Selling for my Aunt who does not smoke, unit has so scratches and was rarely used--List price on the web about $220 new and we would like to sell here in the forums rather than evilbay.....Yes, the USB cable and wrist strap are included. $160 (shipping not incl.) This is a great unit.


From Garmin's site -- Deep foliage, nor canyons faze the rugged eTrex Vista HCx. Its high-sensitivity receiver holds a GPS signal in the toughest environments. Similar to the Vista Cx, this handheld navigator also has a bright color screen, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, microSD™ card slot and automatic routing for wherever adventure takes you.

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Yes, I hate evilbay as well........... i got the Delorme PN-40 Bundle for 300 at REI, and i must say, i love the accuracy, in the rain, under deep clouds, and deep foliage, it still stays between 3 to 6 feet accuracy.........most impressed for the buck, the one i got had the topo 8, memory card (2G) and other DeLorme disks included.............. just my 2 cents worth :rolleyes:

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Hey. I recommend checking walmart.com for your GPS. I did a lot of research before and it is still the best place to buy your handheld. Garmin Etrex H is an excellent starter unit for only $79 bucks (pick site-to-store and it's free shipping too!) all that for a brand new one, that hasn't been abused or dropped or anything like that. I use Venture HC (a few extras - basemap, color, cord and software) at walmart.com it is only about $117. Great unit - has even the GEOCACHING mode. H is for High Sensitivity and i can tell you they're not lying - brand new out of the box - stick batteries in and turn it on - you'll have signal inside your house within 2 minutes! Great signal strength in the woods and fast acquisition of satellite signal once you did your original setup. Hope this helps.

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