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Central Ontario Geocachers - 2010 Geocoins

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B) Central Ontario Geocachers is pleased to be distributing the 2010 COG Geocoin :)


Proceeds from these geocoins are used to fund COG initiatives and activities, such as the June 12th "Spring Fling 6" MEGA EVENT near Barrie, Ontario!


For more information on Ontario's Second MEGA Event, please visit http://www.coord.info/GC1MGE2


You may also find more detailed information on the Spring Fling website, available at http://www.cogfling.ca


These geocoins were manufactured by Landsharkz and are (of course!) trackable.


"Canoeist's Delight" - Green Canoe, Red Skies - Antique Bronze




"Blue Skies" - Red Canoe, Blue Skies - Antique Silver




The "Blue Skies" and "Canoeist's Delight" geocoins are available on the COG Webstore for $12/ea; they can be shipped for a small fee.. or collected for free when you attend the Spring Fling 6 MEGA EVENT!




There is also an additional Limited Edition geocoin that has been created solely for " :unsure: increased :D " Fund Raising.

These geocoins are only available via COG Promotions (such as prizes at Spring Fling 6), or via Auction (eBay).


Keep an eye out for these Limited Edition geocoins.... there are only a couple of dozen in circulation; they feature the original die art work, without enamel.


For peek at one of these "LE" geocoins.. you can click here.. but you can't "just buy" them... to get one you have to be lucky enough to have the highest bid... or you can might win one at Spring Fling 6!




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What's the size on this coin?

What is the enamel finish? (it's appears to be hard enamel)


The geocoins are 1.5" in diameter; they are a hard enamel finish.


The "water" is semi-translucent, allowing the "detail" of the metal behind to be seen, giving a "wave" impression.


The"canoe" colour is also semi-translucent, which was done to provide a "wood grain" effect.


If you check the "LE" coin, you'll see the metal that provides the "visual texture" in the two coloured coins.


Thanks for asking; useful information I had omitted to include before!

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Do I need to preorder a coin in order to pick it up at the Fling or will there be some available to purchase there?


Hi sarahbelle!


If we have any *left*, they will be available at Spring Fling... they are moving quickly!


You can "pre-order" them on the COG store (using the link above.. after all, you'll want to Pre-Register for the event anyway.. right? !) and collect them at Spring Fling, or they can be mailed to you for $1.50


(Unless you wish to go to tonights COG event in Alliston.... I'll have them with me!)

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