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My new toy

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Since I've started benchmark hunting I found the official location descriptions used specific distances so I went out and bought a laser range finder. What a cool tool. I now believe that the complete geocacher tool belt should have a compass, a GPS, the laser range finder, and a PDA. icon_wink.gif

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I have to admit that the cost is a little high,350 bucks but I can use it on my boat for many things, like making sure I'm not slipping my anchorage. Made by Bushnell, they also incorporate the range finder into binocs for more bucks. Its range is from 10 yrds to 700 yrds if the target is reflective, 400 not reflective. icon_cool.gif

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You will find the range finder very helpful in finding benchmarks. My first trip out bench mark hunting was 4 of them close by my house. First 3 no problem, 4th one had no witness post as stated, was in and area recently mowed by farmer, also had signs of recent underground phone line install. Looked for a while on this one before giving up that evening. Went back next time with range finder in hand. Found it in just a few min. With the description page showing measurements in 3 different directions was very easy to narrow down without having to measure anything with a tape.


Mine is a Nikon. Usually around now Nikon runs specials where if you by theirs at regular price you get a paper to fill out for a jacket (supposed to be worth $90) and all ya pay is $10 for shipping. They have done this the past 2 years now. I think I paid about $325 or so for mine last year. And the coat is a darn good one.

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