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Garmin legend etrek elgend HCx

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Hey all,

We just got the hcx and went geocaching this past weekend and have one problem, when we downloaded our cache sites, they went to waypoints and not cache sites. We can't put found and go to next. Has anyone had this problem, or can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, The Grey Ghosts


The waypoints include a symbol. Unless the waypoints are labeled with a cache symbol, the unit won't recognize them as caches and the "cache mode" won't work with those waypoints.

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How did you load them onto the unit? what program?

I plugged the unit into the computer and used the garmin communicator program on geocaching.com but in looking at jmundingers reply we can change them from waypoints to geocaches manually. I am still just kind of confused as to why the geocaching site would be downloading a waypoint instead of a geocache point of reference... :surprise: Any other advice would be great help. Thanks, the grey ghosts

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A couple more suggestions - the first is a general one. Go to the Garmin website and download the users manual for the Legend C (discontinued model). The functions are the same as for you unit but the old users manual is much more complete.


Check the geocache setup page and make sure that the cache icons are selected (or, just do a restore defaults).


Also, as a check on communicator, try downloading the caches to Mapsource and then upload from mapsource to your gpsr.

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