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Anyone available for an Interview? (NE INDIANA)

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Hey I need some help. I can't say I am a new geocacher....but I am not a seasoned veteran either, so I need some help.


I am going to write and article for AOL and possibly start a content page about geocaching....depending on how much information I gather.


I would like to know if there are any "SEASONED" geocachers that would be willing to be interviewed for these articles I am writing.


For now I need people that are willing to meet in Fort Wayne Indiana. If this grows....we will branch out. But I feel with the amount of geocachers in this area, I am sure to find some good content lurking in those brains of yours!


You can either message me here....or email me




Thanks so much!

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We are not as "seasoned" as others but always enjoy talking with other cachers & are happy to help you out.


Kelly & Barbie



FANTASTIC!!!! If you will email me at sdzastude@yahoo.com with your email I can touch base with you to get started on the article.


Anyone else I would appreciate it! The more the merrier!!!



(Team Fiesty Midgets)

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I will try to help you out..




Thanks....I will be contacting everyone in about a week...if there is anyone else, please feel free to let me know!

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Don't get to the forums as much as I like but I have been to many events and cache with a great group. I am in Fort Wayne as well. Please feel free to contact me at hotwaterdesigns@yahoo.com if you would like.




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Might be a little late, but this is Dan of "Kandee & Dan". I'm in Mishawaka & would be willing to help. We currently have 1044 finds since 2005, if that makes use "seasoned" or "slightly worn-out" :grin:


You can email me @ tinkel@sbcglobal.net or on facebook as <dan tinkel>

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