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very interesting benchmark location

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i'm new to benchmarking and checked out some near me today. I found one listed that is impossible to legally get to but has an interesting history. I will share what i know about it. First this is the benchmark page: http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.asp?PID=FZ1697


The mark is located in Pilot Mt. state park in North Carolina. Many of you may have seen this or heard of it on "The Andy Griffith Show". Many years ago it was private land and had a toll road to reach the top. A prominent knob was at the top and the only way to get to it was climb some wooden stairs. In the late 60's it became a state park and the stairs were removed due to safety concerns. It is illegal to attempt to climb the knob today. The benchmark is located on the very top near the center of the knob. I guess I could log it by taking a photo of the knob but to get one of the mark would be impossible to legally do

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