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$2 trackable Monkey tag!


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It seems that you can buy more than 2 now (the email I received said "unlimited"), and I was going to buy a bunch for our 10th event, but the shipping sent me into sticker shock.

Wow! That is what I get for making the purchase early. I already paid for shipping on those and a few other coins and pins. I would have gotten several more of hte monkeys if there hadn't been a limit, but oh well.

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wow... $3 per bug for shipping. Can they not all be shipped together if you order large quantity?

I just ordered four of them and it figured out to about $1.09 per bug for shipping.


ok... that isn't bad then. I might order a couple as ftf prizes


We were talking about doing a travel bug race of sorts with them. :lol:

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This was a special offer for our facebook fans, facebook.com/geoswag


We had limited them at first to make sure someone didnt buy them all up and put them on eBay. After we were sure most of our Facebook Fans were able to get them, we removed the limit.


This was a $2 tag special and the sale price will go off this week. While we didnt promote them in the forums, you are free to buy them.





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Better hurry only 55 left. this is the best price I ever saw on any trackable.


Not any more!


I wasn't planning on getting any trackables any time soon but this was just too good of a deal. I ordered 7 of them. One I will give to a friend and the other 6 I will send on missions, not sure what those missions are yet but I'm sure I will think of something. One for sure I will send to the Tropical rainforest of South America or Africa to go where monkeys live in the wild. Then let is swing around down there.

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