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GeoBoo Haunted House - YOU CREATE A ROOM!

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You've really enjoyed the Haunted House at the GeoBoo and to involve you more in the fun and keep the Haunted House fresh we are inviting YOU to design, build and man your own haunted room!


Here's what you need to know...


Design a haunted room that will fit into a 10x10, 12x12 or 12x14 (about in that size range, it doesn't have to be exact). Use your best judgement on the design. It can't be too overboard on gore becuase of the kids who will go through but we need a good startle and maybe a couple of 'oh gross' comments.


You build your props, come to the Waller Grange and set up your room, you man the room while the Haunted House is open and you break down your room after the event.


Why? Well, because it will make the GeoBoo Crew's job a lot easier and it will give you a chance to be a part of the GeoBoo!


Yeah, sure but WHY? Because there will be a special prize for the best room and maybe, just maybe, something a little special for all the haunted room participants.


Of course the GeoBoo crew will help you as much as you need or want. We've got skills. We've got the tools. We just need you.


You need to know that the set up for the GeoBoo is hard. What youd don't see, as guests, is that we start setting up the Boo on Friday at about noon. We continue set up from about 9am Saturday until we open the doors. Then we start again again early on Sunday to knock it all down.


As a participant you will need to be available Friday if possible and we will need you all day on Saturday to get the Haunted House ready to go.


If you're interested please shoot me an email.

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