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Lure theamed cache

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Hi I have a friend who makes fishing lure's as a hobbie. I told him about geocaching before and I have told him about themead caches.

He has ofered to give me lures to make a fishing lure theamed cache. I was just wondering what others think of this.


One problem I can think of is the hooks on the lure's but I can tape the hook with electrical tape to make it safer or I can even put plastic tubbing over the hook's. Would like to hear what othes say.

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personally I love the idea but I would expect you to get poor reviews here about the idea from what I have seen in the past. I would say you would lean toward the ok much much more if you did a couple things one of which you already mentioned, cover hooks with plastic tubing and ask in the listing that others do the same. The other that will likely help your cause greatly is to make it VERY clear in the cache listing that it is a lure themed cache and NOT SAFE for unsupervised children. If you do these things some will still view it poorly however I believe the community would be more likely to have a more positive attitude about the cache.


As a side note I would not use anything other than a Good condition ammo can for this cache as water is an enemy to hooks and to most people lures are useless with rusty hooks and do not, or are not capable of, replace hooks.

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I'd bite.


Themed caches don't tend to stay themed very long without extremely active and generous cache maintenance, though, in my experience (hmmm... I guess that's not much different from a nice new multi-tool as original swag in a regular cache eventually ending up as a used golf ball or bottle cap)


[Edit to add: You may also want to add, in very fine print, a disclaimer that states that finders are not to put said lures into their open mouths while rapidly jerking outward on the swivel. Just a thought.]

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I think it's a nice idea, but as others have said, you likely won't be able to keep the theme going for long.


In addition to protecting people from the hooks, remember that the cache needs to be in a very good container, or else the hooks will rust.


I've seen fishing lures jabbed into corks to keep them from stabbing people.

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The other that will likely help your cause greatly is to make it VERY clear in the cache listing that it is a lure themed cache and NOT SAFE for unsupervised children.

It is quite a shame that anyone would have to do this. The "Not safe for unsupervised children." has to be the saddest and most pathetic excuse for not putting something in a cache. If a unsupervised child is mature enough to get hold of a GPS, get coordinates off the internet, find the cache and open it they are mature enough to handle a fishing lure. OK, don't go placing unpackaged lures in a cache but if they are packaged they are fine. How many people do you know who lock up their tackle at home so their children can't get at it? Or how about locking the knife drawer in the kitchen? Sure, put latches on cabinets and drawers if you have toddlers in the house but remember, you better lock up that GPS and your car keys and make sure the young ones don't have a geocaching account or else they might poke themselves when they find that dangerous fishing lure in a cache.


For reference, I placed a few factory packaged lures (purchased from Walmart) in caches that I placed and some self appointed cache cop went out to all of my caches and took every lure to "protect the children". This is one of the reasons I haven't placed a cache in a while.

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I released a travel bug 5 years ago that was a large salt water lure. I have had to replace the bug twice. Each lure has had large treble hooks. I clipped each point, and put a blob of epoxy putty to make them safe. Not all the photos show it, but they all got the putty treatment.


Hey EScout, cool idea! I just released one very similar, it is a crankbait that had 2 treble hooks. I removed the hooks and put the TB tags on the split-rings. I'm pretty sure anyone who tries to recreate that effort to remove the tags will surrender quickly...what a pain! But never thought to blob the barbs with epoxy. :anibad:

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