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I assume that finding Geocoins is few and far between, but lately I've noticed in my area that all the geocaches that state they have coins (in the last year) have all had their coins disappear. TB's too! Is it pretty common for people, or one "collector", to go around every time a coin shows up in the area and take them for his or her collection?


I realize that's the risk when you set one free, but the trackables I've found so far were set free w/in the week! It almost seems that someone is playing the game, but doesn't like to follow all of the rules. It's sad, especially when some of those coins are commemorative or in memorial.

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Just because someone is playing the game does not mean they know what they are doing. Geocaching has become phenomenally popular so people start and learn as they go. Imagine their delight and surprise when they see geocoins and assume they're swag!!


Collectors do not take or collect other people's coins. They may trade for them with coins they've purchased or even had made, purchase them or get them as winnings in a contest or coin exchange but never out of caches. This is one of the assumptions made by new people who haven't yet realized that there are coin thieves and TB thieves and even cache thieves who get their jollies from denying others theirs. Given the number of times this issue comes up in the forums it's safe to say a lot of people are denied their jollies from the phenomenally large number of caches showing coins that aren't there.


Personally I tip my hat in admiration to those hardy souls who still release coins in spite of the thievery. If you're interested in buying coins but not willing to pay Ebay prices stick around as new coin issues are announced here and also look at the pinned thread at the top of this forum with links to approved manufacturers and vendours.

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