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Apparently on phoning camp, people have been greeted by various "ARRRR"s... they're ace!! Please state your intent to attend now, as it helps with the organisation side.


Soundtrack of the weekend... http://www.youtube.com/user/FishermansFriendsTV ;)

Seems the campsite are really up for this.. The confirmation letter is a hoot.

Maybe spare gps units and they may get hooked into the joys of caching..

Not long now folks ;):);):D:):laughing:

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Rather than calling it a half mega (which sounds a bit of an underacheivement - 250 attending is a bit of a turn up to say the least) howsabout it gets it own title of the UK's first SEMI-MEGA?


You could quite innocently state that you're holding your first 'semi'...


I'll get my coat!

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