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Premium Membership - what am I missing?

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i only got my membership this year i wasnt intrested in it before as i cached with my eterx and just loaded it by hand. now i have my oreagon and i pre load cache load routes ect i wouldnt go back for the small amount it costs if u have a gps u can load its well worth it as i can go any were just turn on the gps and go to the closest cache. its fab.



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Pocket queries are the most useful. I have 3 that run every week (about 1200 caches in a 50 mile radius) of my local area. You can run 5 PQ's a day.


There was an offer on the Garmin website that if you buy a Garmin Oregon/Dakota/Colorado and register it you can get a free 30 day trial Premium Membership.


Chris (MrB)

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I would definatly reccomend it. Its made it so much easier for me cause now Im a premium member I can download GPX files and go paperless caching with my Nokia E70

Also you can make routes. For example if your going somewhere specific you can make a route to see what caches are along the route to get to your destination (Not sure I explained that very well :) ).

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I've had a look at what you get for your money, but in real terms what does it mean to you - or me?


I'm a newbie, an enthusiastic one, will my caching experiences be enhanced by paying or do I just view it as a donation to the cause (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!).


Some people like to think of contributing to something, personally I care little for that unless there's something specific in return. As I see it the benefits are many (these are the ones I care most about, others may have different priorities):


Pocket Queries


Before having a premium membership I used to figure out which caches I was likely to attempt, visit each cache page, manually copy the text off the page and copy it into a Word document, then print it. It meant either printing dozens of pages of cache listings and then not visiting the caches, or restricting myself to a very limited area, potentially not realising I was within a few hundred yards of another cache because I didn't have the details of it.


Now with pocket queries I can download 500 caches at a time, and with designed centre-points I run a number of queries to cast the net to cover everything within about a 15-20 mile radius of home. With a single GPX file (the file the pocket query mails you) you've got all the cache details at your fingertips - now when I go caching I take my GPS, my smartphone (with each cache converted to its own HTML file for speed of access) and a single sheet of paper. The only reason I need the paper is to scribble down stages for multicaches, clues towards bonus caches etc.


Instant Notifications


It's annoying when you go to find a cache, hunt for it for an hour before giving up, only to find when you log it that it was disabled the previous day. With instant notifications you can know before you set off that it was disabled, so you can remove it from your GPS. Likewise you get an email when it's re-enabled.


You can also get an instant email to let you know a new cache has been published. That gives you the chance to either add it to your GPS there and then to factor it into a future caching trip or, if you're into the whole first-to-find thing, you can go out and grab it quickly.


Last summer I was the first to find a cache within about 30 minutes of it going live, and earlier this year I managed to FTF another one based on an impromptu caching trip. Both times it was only because of the instant notification email - had I waited for my weekly update I'd have missed the chance to grab it first.


Member Only Caches


If you sign up to a premium membership you can see all the caches rather than the universally accessible caches. Depending on your area that might make a big difference in the number of caches you can go and look for.

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