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Milestone Congratulations


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Talk about a beautiful site for a cache. We found "Tennis Anyone" on 1-22-10 for our 3600th find. Actually it is not as crappy as it looks. For those that found it on the Cache Machine know what I am talking about.


Dick and Arlene


Good show. I remember that one.



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Congratulations to Grossi for her 4,000th find, 500th puzzle and 6th year of caching yesterday at Latitude/Longitude cache!

Way to go, grossi! :blink:

A belated congrats to grossi for find number 4000 on 15.February.2010! :shocked:


Congratulations on 4000 Grossi. That’s a lot of lat/lon visits since that cold day at Seattle University!


Thanks, everyone! :blink:


And, cheers to crs98 for joining the 4 digit club at A Prime Cache. :D

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Congratulations TeamIDFC on your 1400th cache find at my cache "Your Problem"! Happy to be a part of your caching milestone. WooHoo!

Thanks! After getting back from the road trip we got all caught up in Hawaii preparations so we didn't notice the shout out...


Speaking of milestones, we at TeamIDFC made a couple interesting new ones - our highest caches to date.


Our highest ever is now GC3D6D - Pahupa'iki'i Maka at 13712 ft. It is a webcam at the top of Mauna Kea. We also got the benchmark at the tip-top - which is either 13803, or 13796 if you want to go by what's stamped on the benchmark.


Our highest physical cache is now GC1H9M0 - Frederick A Coyaso [Mauna Kea] at only 8969 ft.


Those were driving milestones, they are still pretty cool. 30% less oxygen really makes you trippy... :)

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