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Milestone Congratulations


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Today after 5.25 years of geocaching we found our 1000th geocache. :lol::lol:;):P;)


We decided on one that neither of us has seen in action before, Flaming Gas (GC2563), not the most exciting but it was a nice drive out there and like I said we'd never seen it lit up before.


Hooray for us!

Congratulations!!!!!!! :(

What she said. Way to go, brodiebunch!! :(:mad::(

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Big shout out to my friend Prying Pandora... just dumb luck that I decided to call while she was on the beach... Peace, Nolenator

Congrats to Prying Pandora and Nolenator both for another 1000 notches on their caching belts! :lol:


Congrats indeed! Nice to tag along with nolie and baxter for the milestone. Here's to another 1000!


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My 2,000th milestone cache was great because the following friends joined in for the canoe ride:



Shaggy, Scooby, & Velma [sans Shaggy]

Jcar and Little Flutter

EFHutton and A+

Cache Owner: Joe & the JAE Family (sans family)




Thanks to everybody for making a great day!


9eb3ebc5-a864-4c22-8217-1f62cb060d80.jpgSomething must have been funny! Scooby, rodgowdy, & Little Flutter


e638af4e-0c5c-45fe-9330-9a95e259e7a9.jpgJcar, Scooby, and Velma


c7724f5c-651f-45b4-8448-e2d9deacc2ad.jpgVelma, Aviatrix22, rodgowdy, Little Flutter, Joe and JAE family


4324c87b-e90e-4017-8303-84e1d9993df6.jpgEFHutton, rodgowdy, Aviatrix22, and Fobesman

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Thanks Jennie for the congrats, as well as Dick. It was friggin' cold in Springfield Mo. On Friday KC and Springfield were near 70, and by Sunday when I found 1800 (the cache with the pics) it was 38 and wind gusts of 40-45 = wind chill in the low 20's. I left KC this morning and it was 28 and had some strong winds then too, probably wind chill in the single digits Imagine my pleasure to walk off the plane this afternoon here in Seattle to 70. At least a 50 degree difference, wind chill included! Ya, jackets were necessary!

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