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Milestone Congratulations


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It's always fun to be with friends for a milestone. After witnessing NBJPoppa's 700th cache (Whoo-hoo, Poppa!) we were at our next cache of the day when tolmaus realized she was almost at 800. jcar helped us choose a fun nearby cache for that milestone as well. WTG, tolmaus! :lol:

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The first cache > ---^---: ) ever found was a grossi cache, and so was his 500th.


Y'done good, real good, >---^---: ) :anicute:


I was just adding my post for the exact same thing, but was looking up how to get those dang symbols to show up right!


Congrats Shark! And congrats to Anonymous', Hairy Plotter, shoknaw, joinsmith97 and Robinego!

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Congratulations to myself, Hairy Plotter, and shoknaw for reaching 400, joinsmith97 for reaching 700, and Robinego for reaching 1000 at Ebey Bluffs at different times this weekend!


Whew, a mouthful.


Adding my congratulations to all. It was great meeting up with you, Anonymous and Joinsmith97. What a great day it was specially at "Path of the Watchers" celebrating the great view and Robinego's 1000. Great time to share with geofriends.

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Jeez, take a week or two away from the forums and every single person you've ever corresponded with has a milestone. Belated congrats to -Hawk-, W7WT, Pandora, Funnynose, grossi, Jester, and also myself, #600 a couple days ago. :P WTG all.

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Hey congratulations on your milestone ‘high’ Inmywoods. If John got you up this far what do you think he might have in mind for your next century mark? :unsure: We will be watching and waiting to find out. Have fun!

MR Donna and Chloe :laughing::(

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:P Woo hoo, 2 years and just under a month ago, I found my first cache. On Sunday I found my 500th at Pocket Park Pool Parlor. A great series that bounced me around Burien and White Center. It was definitely worthy of #500. I visited all 11 waypoints, some more than once. Looking forward to the next 500 now!
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