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Crazy caches

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What you consider crazy and what I consider might be completely different things. Why don't you tell use what you have in mind and we can go from there. I know there is a site dedicated to "extreme" caches, which are all 5/5's and require swimming, use of climbing equipment, etc. I don't have the link off hand, but you get the idea...

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You might want to try doing a lot of 5 rated caches


This will give you an idea of what is out there so you don't repeat it, but it also may stimulate some ideas.


5's are fun for many, but my simple 1 cache is drawing all sorts of people who have found it as a first cache. In a town full of "evil" caches, it is good to hear the excitement when someone can actually find one.


I know my cache has brought many people happiness and started them in a new sport (hobby/ obsession).


Make sure it is a fun cache that adds fun to the game, rather than just a mean cache that just adds frustration to the world. There is already enough of that in the world already.

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A friend and I recently found the "Waiting for Ironman" (GCRM0Y) cache out there in Grays Harbor county. Finding the cache isn't really too hard, but I gotta say getting there is pretty crazy. You can read my log entry here. I think we approached the cache a little differently than what most people do, coming over from the side that requires you to walk over the catwalks to get to the cache. Just getting to the catwalks requires a 30-40 climb on the bridges support beams. Without ropes and the fact that the metal was slippery from rain, this probably put me out of my comfort zone more than any other cache I've found yet. I heard there are other caches like this in the area, but we haven't done them yet.


Another cache that comes to mind is at Liberty Bell Mountain along SR-20. It appears the FTF spot is still up for grabs, even though it was published in 2008.


Hope you find what you're looking for!

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Give me something to CLIMB! I love scailing ridges and hills lol

There's a box on French Peak just waiting to be (re)turned into a geocache.

Do you still have your track?

Yes, hike down the Boulder River Trail to the fording

Head northeast until you find Snickers Creek, follow that to the falls

Bias to the right and embrace the mountain

Keep going up until it turns into down again, then

Follow the ridgetop east



Of course, that's just one of the ways to get there.

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