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COINTEST- College Bracketball


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Down to the Final Four, appearing to be pretty much locked into results with 9 of 13 gone as far as they can points wise with 'Where's My Marbles' leading with 66 points & Champion pick OUT... but wait!

All four remaining 'active' brackets involve Duke or WVU winning and advancing to the Final.

'BBall Bracket' in 4th place can add 16 points to a max of 79. Champion pick is OUT.

'Digger9 Bracket' in 6th can reach 75. Champion pick is OUT.

'labrat_wr' in 7th can reach 74. Champion pick is OUT.

and finally the 12th place 'GoUconn !' with a lowly 49 points heading in has the only Champion pick alive for a potential of 97 points.

A West Virginia win would Dookie it up for 'Digger9 Bracket' and 'labrat_wr' , all but giving the crown to 'BBall Bracket' unless WVU wins it all, handing the title to 'GoUconn !' .

A Duke win would seem to give title to Digger by ONE POINT.

Stay tuned!

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"All four remaining 'active' brackets involve Duke or WVU winning and advancing to the Final."


Could be a long night 'til the 2nd game is done!


Wasn't that long a night, as the 2nd game was pretty much done @ the half, letting Digger/Jim spend the final 20 mins sipping his victory Champagne.. Congrats to all on a down-to-the-wire, close, hard fought game!

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Thank you for the fun! It was neat being first for a lil :D


I'll second that, seeing as I was there for a while. I'm happy with my 4th place. You got me by 1 point.


Congrats to being the winner, Digger9.


And, can you believe Butler almost won last night!!

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