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March Madness Basketball Cointest...

Odyssey Voyager

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I think Butler and West Virginia will be on the final, and... Butler will win!

Butler winning it all would be a great story! Gatoulis, i thought you were a Spartan fan??!! :anicute:


and from the movie "300":


"...The world will know that...few stood against many..." ~ King Leonidas speaking of his vastly outnumbered Spartans battling the Persians ~ :laughing:

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Oups!! Yes! I forgot!!! Go go go... Michigan State!!! :anicute:


Of course.... the Spartans can not say This is SPARTA!!!! :laughing:

the other teams will probably answer... Wrong direction pal... This is Indianapolis!!!! :laughing:


All 4 teams are very good! I am afraid if Michigan, after the winning with Tennessee, will not play so well! But they are fighters!!! I like that a lot!!!


Butler is very good too! they are strong and fight well!

I like butler because it has a name... well... Butler is a servant right? So they will fight to show that they are not servants but they are the boss!!! :laughing:


west Virginia is a very good team!!! they have very good players and they know how to play and how to help eachother!!!


Duke is very strong too but... to tell you the truth... they looked so tide!!!

Even the moves of their cheepleaders (some were beautiful!!!!) were small and tide... like they were in a military school!!! :laughing:

I was searching in the net and saw that Dukes.... have something to do with Greeks??? I saw it in wikipedia!!!


Then... a final between Spartans and Dukes will have Greek color???


Ok... I am stuck now! :laughing:

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Butler 47 Michigan State 43 with 3:17 left to play!


Butler 47 Michigan State 44 with 2:36 left to play!


Butler 48 Michigan State 44 with 2:23 left to play!


Butler 50 Michigan State 49 with 0:15 left to play!


Butler 52 Michigan State 49 with 0:05 left to play!


Butler 52 Michigan State 50 FINAL SCORE!


congrats to "acadiahiker" you are into the FINALS! :laughing:

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BUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as I said!!! :laughing:


They are fighters!!! Spartans is a very good team but today Butler's defense was like the Thermopyles! :P So strong and good!!!! WOW!!!


In both teams there are some very very good players!!! How old are the players in NCAA???

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In both teams there are some very very good players!!! How old are the players in NCAA???

most of the players are between 17 years old and 22 years old. all very young men, playing with a lot of pressure on them. the pressure will be increased even more on monday when the FINALS are played!


WOW... they are young!!!

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West Virginia 31 Duke 39 at half time


West Virginia 48 Duke 63 with 8:59 left to play.


West Virginia 52 Duke 67 with 7:07 left to play.


West Virginia 55 Duke 69 with 3:55 left to play.


West Virginia 57 Duke 72 with 2:53 left to play.


West Virginia 57 Duke 75 with 1:08 left to play.


West Virginia 57 Duke 78 FINAL SCORE!


congrats to "gorillagal" you are into the FINALS! :laughing:

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Happy Easter to all! :D


WOW! Duke was very good! The time I watched from the net, (the first half ended close to 5 in the morning and I couldn't stay awake any longer!), they were very good!!! This guy Singler.... WOW!!! amazing player!!! I have a strong feeling that we will soon see him in NBA! He just needs a little muscles more! :lol:


Congrats to the finalists!

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...and so...it all comes down to David vs. Goliath...the little school of Butler vs. the mighty mighty powerhouse of Duke. now less than 4 hours to game time! so good luck to "acadiahiker" and to "gorillagal". may the best team win! :D

Butler reminds me of a little known team from my home town in West Texas 44 years ago. in those days the school was called "Texas Western College". in the 1966 final championship game, this little school of unknown players, was matched up against the mighty "Kentucky" team filled with All-Americans, and were led by the Hall of Fame Coach Adolph Rupp. "Texas Western College" was coached by a new and inexperienced man who learned the game as a player of the Hall of Fame Coach, Henry Iba. that young man was named Don "The Bear" Haskins, and he also went on to be inducted as a coach into the Hall of Fame. that classic 1966 match-up of "David vs. Goliath" gave "Texas Western College" a fairy tale victory for the ages, as seen in the movie "Glory Road". it also gave the Great State of Texas, its ONLY college basketball National Championship ever! don't you just love it when the little guy wins?! B)


as you can tell, i am quite partial to the underdog, and i love my college basketball, having been a fan of "Texas Western College" and "UTEP" and the late great Don "The Bear" Haskins for many many years.


Go Butler! and long live all the "David's" of the world! :)


"Glory Road" Wikipedia

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Huh! The game will start now but it is way to late for me! In 1 or 2 hours the Sun will be up again!!! I need some sleep! :D


Good luck to both teams! Good luck to both players! B)


I was readin in a greek sport site about Da'Sean Butler of WV! :) According to the site.... after the big injury he had in the game with Duke..... he will probably end his career! B) And he was surelly in the first 10 of the NBA drafts!!! :D HUH!!! :D At least I hope he will be ok and recover soon!

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Butler 32 Duke 33 at the half. good game!


Butler 47 Duke 51 with 10:00 left to play!


Butler 49 Duke 53 with 07:58 left to play!


Butler 51 Duke 56 with 05:42 left to play!


Butler 55 Duke 56 with 05:02 left to play!


Butler 55 Duke 58 with 03:16 left to play!


Butler 57 Duke 60 with 01:42 left to play!


Butler 59 Duke 60 with 00:49 left to play!


Butler 59 Duke 60 with 00:13 left to play!



congrats to "gorillagal" for winning all the marbles! condolences to "acadiahiker" as the runner-up, your team played well! i will contact you both for shipping information soon.

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i'd like to thank all 32 forum members who participated in this cointest. congrats to the final four teams too. great tournament, with fantastic games and lots of excitement. congratulations again to "gorillagal" and to "Duke" for winning the championship! i hope you all had fun playing and watching the events unfold. i know i sure enjoyed it!


i would like to wish you all happy geocaching and merry geocoin collecting. take care.


~odyssey voyager~ B)

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Congrats to the winner!!! :D


So Duke won! Well.. I really wanted Butler to win! I was out of my guess by 2 points! B)


Of course this (wanting Butler to win), had nothing to do with my geocaching friends who were playing here, ok? :lol:


Duke took finals, took championships... Butler as I saw is a small school! So... :D


Maybe next year! :D


Thank you David for this great cointest! With that, I managed to see some games too, in the net! As you probably understoon... the last NCAA games I had seen where when UCLA was in and was the best team! So.... :unsure:


I really really hope to see some of these young players in NBA soon!!! If not... Europe is always waiting! :grin:

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Thanks Odyssey Voyager for making this years March Madness interesting, it's been a few years since I took an interest in college basketball and boy this was the year to watch B)

Congrat's to gorrilagal and arcadianhiker and all those who won a coin

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