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Wanted : Reviewer to chat to about cache placing

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Hi again all.


Having had some difficulty in placing new caches, I was wondering if any reviewers would be willing to speak to me on a one to one basis, so that when I want to find a cache placement, I can discuss it with them before proposing it on the website, which should hopefully save me a lot of messing around in the long run.


A good way to do this, would be to show the reviewer the google earth map of where I am suggesting and they can tell me what steps I need to take before placing the proposed cache.


So, if anyone wants to help a budding but enthusiastic cacher, give me a shout.

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......I'm glad you found somebody. ;)




The reviewer's job is to review a cache for compliance with the guidelines. They are also semi-local so they are familar with local laws and rules for Geocaching. The absolute best thing you can do is read the guidelines. Then read them again. When you are done doing that, take a deep breath and go back and really read them. If your proposed hide fits nicely into all of the guidelines, it will be published. It just isn't any more difficult except for a few local quirks that local Geocachers can help you understand.

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There can be a lot that goes into placing a cache that isn't in the guidelines, but that a few minutes with a reviewer can clear up. For example - it's not obvious how to navigate the situation when a placement is blocked by hidden waypoints of other caches. In my area I've seen confusion and frustration over that drive a couple of new cachers out of the game entirely; a few minutes getting to understand some of what's unwritten could go a long way. (No, the reviewer won't tell you the coords of the hidden waypoint; yes, the reviewer may still be able to guide you without you having to take a half dozen trips to the field; etc.)


I think it's great that someone will help explain how many of the guidelines work in practice.

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