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Anyone have an answer to this?

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Posted last week on Website forum and not one response. Hoping someone in hear might havesome idea.


Will html or ubb code work on waypoint pages? I was playing around with this a bit and tried both but couldn't get it to work. Couldn't put up picks or links or anything for that matter. Does anyone know how or what the reason for this is. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Let me know or point me in the right direction please.




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what exactly do you mean with "waypoint pages"? are you talking about the description field for the additional waypoints?


Waypoint pages on Multi Cache pages when placing a new cache

appearing under "additional waypoints" on the cache listing, right?


ubb code is allowed in the descriptions for those, but no html. i assume the ubb code is the same as for logs and non-html cache descriptions, which means it's not possible to put pics, but links will work (they appear with the usual "visit link" text - i don't know if it's possible to specially format them with the gc ubb code).

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Cache pages can use HTML if you check the HTML checkbox. Otherwise they use plain text. Cache logs, on the other hand, can use BBCode, but not HTML. Does that answer your question?


Ya I see what I was doing wrong. I will play with it some more...Thanks


Be nice if we could just use HTML on everything but I'm sure there is a reason.




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